Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

When Sammy takes her naps, we have a bed for her in the guest bedroom. I keep it dark with the shades drawn for her. It's nice and quiet and she sleeps pretty well in there. What I don't get to do and haven't done for some time now is take pictures of her while she's sleeping. The flash I have would wake her up and she'd be on the ceiling holding on like a cat should I use it. However, the other day, she struggled with laying down even though she was obviously tired. I though, "Oh, well, let's just put you here on the floor and you'll either nap or not". She napped and I had the perfect opportunity to take all the pictures I wanted since it was so light in here and I didn't need the flash. And watching her sleep like this made me drowsy as ....zzzzzzzz
December 4 - now I'll start looking up all those recipes for 'comfort' food and begin cooking all those calories...

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Anonymous said...

does Sammy ever leave that blanket? four pics in a row...sheesh.