Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus!

The other day, Daddy and Mommy took Sammy to the mall to have her first visit with Jolly ol' St. Nick. Everybody was happy until...the manic photographer went berzerk immediately upon seeing that there was a BABY on Santa's lap! A BABY! So of course that means putting his face right into Sammy's thinking that it would make her laugh. Not so much.
Right before seeing Santa...lalalalalalalala

With Santa

After seeing Santa and getting away from crazy photographer. Note the red eyes from crying.

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Tracy said...

Sounds like you had the same photographer we had...thought he was a high fashion photographer? Yeah, he scared Matilda, too. "Matilda! Matilda! Oh, that was BEAUTIFUL!" Different Santa, though. Where's that dude's real beard?