Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Traditions: The Night Before Christmas

When Daddy and Auntie Kenna were little kids along with their two cousins, their Grampa Wint would read the Night Before Christmas to them on Christmas Eve. We all gathered at one of the family's houses for a big feast and the close of the evening was this story. This went on until Grampa's health declined and he passed away. He read it to them long after the magic of 'Santa' had been discovered by the four cousins. It didn't feel right to read it to the teenagers after he passed. Certainly Grumpa or his brother did not take up the mantle to replace the storyteller. The story has not been read in our family until now-- this truly special year with the birth of our first grandchild. So here for the very first time is Sammy with Grumpa reading the story to all of us and particularly to the little girl in his lap. It was particularly bittersweet to watch Daddy and Auntie and Great Gramma Jeanne listen to Grumpa read the story to the family after all these years on Christmas Eve. The last time we had heard it as a family was when Grampa Wint was alive and healthy. But this night it was the initiation of Mommy and Uncle Dave to something that this family holds very dear. Mommy and Uncle Dave gave it such respect; my heart was incredibly touched.

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