Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Traditions: JEWELRY!

I promise! This will be the last of the traditions that I'll bore you with. Scout's honor.
Long ago, in the ice age, Grumpa decided to buy me a very lovely ring for Christmas. He and little toddler Daddy went to the jewelry store and purchased an opal ring. Little Daddy was beside himself with the excitement of being included in a present for his Mama. It was a BIG SECRET. WE MUSTN'T TELL ANYONE. He hopped on one foot to the next in his excitement about the present. Christmas morning came, all the presents were opened and exclaimed over. But Grumpa (and little Daddy) said, "There is one more present!" And Grumpa made me go to the Christmas tree and look for something sparkly...and he told me whether where I was looking was either Cold...Warm...or HOT! When my eyes or hand veered to where the jewelry was hidden on the tree, he or Little Daddy would yell...Warm! or COLD! until I finally found what he had hid. Next time you see Mommy, take a look on her right hand. She now wears that very first jewelry present from Grumpa and Little Daddy to me. It seems fitting that Little Daddy's present now resides on his wife's hand. So with this in mind, Sammy experienced her very first Christmas tree jewelry present.
She immediately put it in her mouth.


Anonymous said...

Mommy's cousin is also an April baby like Sam. Lucky for them the stone is Diamonds! Our tradition was at the very meaningfull b-days, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, diamonds where the main gift and hopefully will be passed on to a future grand baby on our side.
Aunt T

Mimi said...

I LOVE that tradition!!

Anonymous said...

oh brother...

Patti said...

yeah, Daddio...with a little family planning, you could have had a peridot baby...oh well...better luck next time...I've sure enjoyed reading about the King family traditions though...some I knew of...some not...all special! Happy New Year to all!