Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas traditions: Cutting the Tree

One more of our Christmas traditions that we introduced Sammy to was cutting down the family Christmas tree. When Daddy and Auntie Kenna were young, we would travel to northern California with our close friends "The B's" to their family ranch. We would spend a weekend with the "B" clan eating and playing and of course cutting the tree. After acquiring the necessary permits and clearances from neighboring ranches (**ahem**) off we went in search of the perfect tree. We made a day of it out in the forest. Here is a picture of Daddy and Auntie Kenna with their good pals, Jimmy and Mandy B. These four were a BIG HELP in the scouting and locating of said trees. We would point to a thicket of trees and say, "Go there, look there, it might be THERE!", or "Go Fetch!" while we parents would stay at the trucks talking it up. When they found something they liked, we would set off to give our approval or not.

Yesterday, after acquiring the necessary permits, TWICE, off we went to a national forest nearby. I have to mention permits in this post because apparently I've been purchasing permits for a forest that would pretty much cover the family ranch area BUT NOT IN THE AREA WE'VE BEEN CUTTING FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS. Obviously, I've been confused.

Permits + tree cutting = always illegal.

So here is the current version of Christmas tree cutting:

And guess who we saw while we were in the forest? A pretty pink bear!


Anonymous said...

i could just squeeze her. that lil' bear outfit is freakin adorable.

Patti said...

Ok...Mimi besieged me regarding my lack of a response to the Cutting The Tree post...for, you see, I am the mother of the B children...

Ah yes...the mother of the male child who looks like a complete dork next to Christopher (now known fondly as Daddio). Even then, Daddio was always the cool, calm, outdoorsy type...a sort of Indiana Jones of his era. I am also the mother as of the "non-blonde" female who is posing or dancing or doing some "yuck factor" animation act with whatever she has in her hand. All while McK (now known fondly as Auntie) gazes off into the wilderness for her Prince Charming to come and rescue her from these losers(sorry, David...long before your time).

Anyway...the part that is not told by Mimi's blog entry is how the Male B Child (ever the quiet, subtle one of the fearless foursome...only fearful when Coach Bob would give him "the look")would gaze with awe as whichever male adult would be wielding the lethal tree killing device when the perfect tree was located and yell at the top of his pre-pubescent lungs..."TIMMMMMMMBERRRRRRRR" the quiet woods where we had obtained all of the appropriate permits from the neighboring ranch owners...

OK, Mimi, how's that???

Mimi said...

First off, I really shouldn't have read this first thing in the morning sipping coffee. It is now all over my keyboard. Secondly, Indiana Jones? Seriously? Do you have any possible idea what you have just done for Daddy's ego? THAT WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH? Not your best choice, Patti. Not by a long shot. And third, I think the girls were singing and the Male B child was merely dancing to their songs. A forest dance. Yes, I think for sure that was going on. Because if you remember correctly, JB was quite the dancer at that young age. Breakdancing at every opportunity? See? How do you like spitting on YOUR keyboard?

Anonymous said...

da da dant ta...dant don da...dant don don da...dant da don don da...
Just humming MY theme song. hahaha

yes that is the Indy theme may just have to hum the Indy song and it will make much more sense.

Patti B...i actually wake up each morning singing this song and quoting "snakes...i hate snakes."