Saturday, November 22, 2008


Ok, many of you know that I'm teaching myself Photoshop. I have many pix that need work. Also, most of my pix are of Samantha. And most of those include drool. And if you're around her for any length of time, say, 30 seconds, that drool is a fact of life. She wears a bib most of time. By the time Daddy or Mommy get her at the end of the day, the bib can be wrung out. So, introducing the powder dry photoshop edited version of a Samantha Smile. The original, complete with the line of drool dripping onto her bib and version B. (oh, don't worry...most of the originals with her drool will be posted. That is the 'essence' of Sammy!)


Anonymous said...

Very nice mamacita (sp?)

p.s.: if i take a picture of Grumpa out hunting...could you actually insert the birds w/ him. :-)

Patti said...

Oh, nice comment, Daddio...maybe I could get one of Larry elk hunting and she could insert the elk as well...(or, maybe she could put drool on each of them...Grumpa and Larry B....that would be even better)...Geez, I crack myself up!

By the way, Mimi, great job with the drool removal...