Monday, November 24, 2008

New outfit?

This little outfit I got Sammy last week. I just love this color peach; particular on this little baby girl. It goes with her coloring so well. But? When I bought it, I was 'just' ok with the polka dots. Most women can not pull off polka dots. What really gets to me now that she has it on, is the neck ruffle. *shudder* and not in any fashion sense whatsoever. Neck ruffles remind you of what?

CLOWNS! That's what.

And not this clown either:

Although, anyone who paints their face like this has some serious mental issues if you ask me. For some reason, my family does not like clowns AT ALL. Never have. Absolutely never will. So when this particular movie was made, it scared the holy cat shit out of me. (this should read, " OUT OF US!")

Notice the neck ruffles?


Anonymous said...

"Yes Georgie, they float. We all float, and when your down here, you'll FLOAT TOO!!"
ok, i just pissed my pants...i'm outta here.

Mimi said...