Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm here all week, folks

The other morning, Sammy and I were reading the newspaper together and she remarked about one article.

"SWF, goes by the name of Muffet, has been charged with defrauding an eating establishment"
Sammy reported. "what does 'defraud' mean?"

"Ah...the old dine and dash manuever. That means she ate but didn't pay for her meal, honey" I replied.

"Maybe she didn't like it. What's curds and whey?" She asked.

"Cottage cheese", I replied.

"What's a tuffet?"

"A small seat. Like what you sit on. Usually for smaller people." I answered.

"Like you, Mimi?" she asked.

"No silly, like you. Very small. What else did the article say?"

"That the health inspectors were called, too, due to an infestation of spiders."

"They should call Terminex, huh, honey?" I commented.

"Mimi, that food?"

"Yes, love? Don't worry, Gerber doesn't make it."

"There's no WHEY, I CURD eat it!"

Oh, Sammy.


Anonymous said...

you cant see it...but i seriously rolled my eyes...oh brother

Anonymous said...

WOW! Dear Sammy...the Reno Gazette Journal must have improved over the past fifteen years (or perhaps you're actually a secret subscriber to the Medford Mail Tribune)...I don't think I've seen anyone so enamored over it...How's that for a word...Daddio???

Patti B.

Anonymous said...

personally i like "captivated" better. it grabs your attention more. plus, it only costs $3 to use it. HA