Monday, August 25, 2008

Family sayings

Barking spiders.

House apes.

Carpet frogs.

These are a few of the sayings my mom would use in reference to kids. When Sammy had on her little green onesie this morning, she reminded me of a little green froggie. And so with that, what sayings were used in your family?


Anonymous said...

Dad said "curtain climbing house apes."

Mom said about fat little legs and butts "Dolly Dimples."

Al's mom said "she's such a cute little hussy."


Anonymous said...

i was always called a "little sh*t"...i dont know why? i was an angel unlike auntie kenna.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daddio...I think your daddy also called Jimmy and Mandy "little sh*t's" of the favorites around the Cayton Valley Ranch was "ankle biters"...

Patti B

Mimi said...

Let's not forget "Fart Blossom" or "Drool Puss"