Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 22

See what we mean? Camp Cluster.

Nothing gets done easy or efficient with us. If there is a hard way to get things done, we do it. With a smile and a headache.

According to our Bike Master, this would be an easy ride with the little tow package. The only bike path we could find for Sammy that was paved. Everything else was dirt. And it usually went UP. And you all know how I feel about UP. This is over by Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is probably what you're all familiar with. This is 11 miles from Jackson. Jackson Hole is the ski/golf resort. When we say we're going to Jackson you probably say Jackson Hole in your head but they are really two different areas. Jackson is the town. JH is an enclave. A very pricey enclave. You also might know it by it's local term, "Undisclosed Location".

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