Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 20

Aren't we a happy group? Official name?

Camp Cluster

One of my older brothers calls his place Camp Runamuc with all of his kids and grandkids. I thought that it was funny and planned on calling our place the Reno headquarters of Camp Runamuc. However after a few days with this group? Camp Cluster was born. You'll see why in a later photo. Here at Camp Cluster we have no phone reception except a 6 inch by 6 inch square on the dining table inside the coach. Maybe. If you hold your breath and touch the refrigerator. Maybe. So we don't have much interaction with the outside world. Here Sammy is hiding inside because the males of the family were deciding which would be the best way to set the grill up outside and start burning meat for dinner. While drinking martinis. I should really say that we ended up having mac and cheese for dinner but that wouldn't be fair to them. Their dinner was good!

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