Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 19

I love to go a wandering
along the forest trail
and as I go I love to sing
with my baby bjorn on my back


Valerie, Valera, Valerie, Valera-ha-ha-ha

Let me don't know this song?

Today was the first day hike that Sammy went on. We decided, or rather the hike masters, decided that we would do a very easy hike, only 1.6 miles. Up. Did I tell you that we are currently residing at 6500 feet? And by 'up' I mean, climb higher? GASP. I decided that if we were to go on any more hikes, I would travel like Sammy did. Carried. Protected from the sun. Napping. We hiked up to Taggert Lake or Lake Erie, I don't know, I had oxygen deprivation at that point. Mommy then suggested that we go back via 'the loop'. Uncle Dave and Auntie Kenna decided to hike further UP to Amphitheater Lake. 8 miles further. maniacs. Anyway, the LOOP ended up being even longer going down than going up. We didn't see any animals; maybe because of all the gasping going on.
This was also the first day of Camp Cluster.

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Mrs. Hewson said...

I know that song! Who do you take me for?