Friday, April 9, 2010

The Power of M's

I was once told that Bribery and Threats were all a part of parenthood.  At the time BC, (before children) I was quite taken aback and swore that I would be A BETTER MOTHER.  Ha!  That person knew her stuff!  Yes, bribery and threats are what make the world go 'round.  Here, Sammy was told that she needed to eat all of her lunch and she would get an M.  As in M&M.  Sammy loves her some M's.  She ate it all and then some more later but she got her Vitamin M!

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Patti said...

Ah yes, threats and bribery...they come in so handy...and for so long...easily through the college years! And then, God willing, we get to hone our skills on the next generation. M's come in handy at potty-training time, too!

I love the fact that Sammy still gets good use out of this bib...seems as if we've been seeing this since the early days of Samantha...