Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today for breakfast I made little dollar-size pancakes for Sammy. I put a little butter and warm maple syrup on them. Then I diced them up into eeny meeny teeny tiny bits so she can feed herself. Why? BECAUSE SHE MUST FEED HERSELF. She becomes most indignant now if she's not the one throwing food into her face. I make the exception with runny stuff like yogurt but anything else that she can pick up with her fingers, is all hers. I do sit close to her to watch and make sure that the stuffing of the face doesn't include all three pancakes at once and to the catch the plate when she decides she's had enough.


Patti said...

Oh yeah...the catching of the plate! Why is it they all do that? "Ok...I'm done"...fling. I'm really trying to break Larry of this habit.

And of course the other one is feeding the doggie from the high chair...doesn't take the dog long to figure out that is the prime place to lay during meals...and when you turn your back and then you hear the giggling...yeah, it's all over...the food is now being fed to the dog and the dog is gratefully lapping baby's hand...baby laughs, feeds dog more, more lapping, more laughing...again, I need to break Larry of this habit.

Mimi said...

Oh Sammy loves feeding the doggies at home! All three of them! Tell Larry that I'll have NONE of that when we see you next week. NONE!