Monday, June 1, 2009

Look who's turned one!

Happy birthday to this blog! Today marks the first complete year of this endeavor I started. Tomorrow will be the anniversary of Mommy going back to work from maternity leave (and me filling in for her at work!) This has been so much fun and I've learned more about blogging in the past year that I ever thought I would. But more importantly, the past year spent with Samantha is one that I will treasure in my heart for eternity. I have been Heaven blessed with our son, his wife and their daughter: Daddy, Mommy, and Sammy. While little Sammy has grown from a mere infant into her first year, I've been able to share with you her achievements: laughing out loud, turning over, rolling over, crawling, first sounds, first tastes of food, standing up, and pretty soon I'll show you her walking.

Mommy told me recently that I can never stop this blog because so many family and friends depend on it for recent news and photos of Sammy. Well. That's a tall order. I pray that we'll have more grandchildren (Auntie Kenna? Uncle Dave? Yes, I'm talking to you!) and I'm thinking that a merge of blogs will be inevitable. I just don't know...YET. Also, I've been asked, "good many pictures do you take of her?" Well...more than necessary I suppose. I average about 40-60 a day. Yes, a day. Now obviously, not all of them make the Blog Cut. Very few do. Also, between Mommy and I (I share all photos with Mommy and Daddy at the end of each month) there are photos that we will print out just for our own use. Also, we usually don't see Sammy over the weekend so I need to take extras for those days when I need something to write about. Have I run out of poses or ideas for photos? No...Sammy is an inspiration to me. I know that I sound like a typical Grandmother, but she truly is with all of her expressions. I'm sure that during the next few years, you will see more of the unhappy expressions emerging through her personality as she grows into her mobility and independence. Grumpa and I laugh over her fits of temper now..."which side of the family did that come from?", we'll ask.
And so, Happy Birthday Daily Samantha. It's been a blast.


Nana said...

Mimi, I for one, really look forward to the daily blog. Since I don't get to see Sammy too often I depend on those pictures to keep me up to date on how's she's doing and her funny expressions. I hope you continue to do this for a very long time and I look forward to seeing Uncle Dave's and Auntie Kenna's children's pictures in the future too. Keep up the great blog. Oh, Grandpa Ed looks at it every day too.

Patti said...

Happy Birthday Daily Samantha, Happy Birthday to you! Mimi, you have done a wonderful job of capturing the first year of Sammy. You've inspired me to keep up my Project 365. What a precious, precious gift to her, her parents...and the rest of us who live vicariously through the blog. Keep it up! Ya know ya want to!

Anonymous said...

Happy thingy. lol. Thank you so much for doing this for everyone.