Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miss Bling

Yesterday, Sammy met a lady in a store that drew on Sammy's ears. Then this lady stated that Sammy probably wasn't old enough for a lollipop. Mommy said no, Sammy was too young for lollipops now. Then this very nice, very hygenic lady put some very pretty pink earrings in a little device and pierced Sammy's ears. You can see that in the beginning Sammy was leary of what was going on. The cold antiseptic wipes, the drawing with the purple pen, NO LOLLIPOPS, and a sting that hurt! Thank God that those things don't make the loud noise they used to do years ago. But it did sting her and it was done one at a time not both at the same time the way Mommy wanted it to. But it was over very fast. Yes, Sammy cried. I think Mommy cried, too. But a warm bottle was ready and Sammy smiled at the very nice, very hygenic lady when we left. Sammy was so good and so happy that I had to take a picture of her and her bling when we left the mall.

brrr, cold wipes....

ah, what's that?

"That hurt, Mommy." Yes, Mommy knows. Mommy's face looks exactly like this on the other side.

See my new pink earrings? Don't I look pretty?