Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 month doctor check up

Today was Sammy's check up. And the reason why the blog is late this morning. She recieved five shots (again!). She weighs 16lbs 14oz (oh, hunko hunko burnin love here folks. Accent on the HUNK) and is 27 inches long. Ah, and her head circumference? In the 75% at 17 inches ROUND. A melon. Do you realize that this child is only 9 inches shy of being one yard long? Here she is:

You know, the last time someone messed with my ears, I got sparkly rhinestones.

Wait, I'm supposed to sit Indian style for how long? I can't sit ANY style yet, lady.

You look vaguely familiar....Your name isn't Ratched, is it?

EEEOOWWW!! What is it with you people? You're sticking me with something every other day!!

BTW, Mommy was the 1,000 visitor yesterday. And she gets squat. Did anyone else notice if they were 1,001? And Patti, yes, if you want to sign on 15 separate times to win the prize...go for it.


Tracy said...

75th percentile...pshaw! Talk to me when she breaches the 95th percentile mark for head size! Now THAT's one big noggin!

Mrs. Hewson said...

Nurse Ratchett. I know her! She is the same one that gave my nephew his shots on Friday! That bitch travels around, don't she?