Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vacation, part deux

Hi folks.

As you all know, Auntie Kenna and Uncle Dave are getting married this Saturday. After all is said and done, literally, Grumpa and I are taking a week off to wind down. Decompress. I will be off the grid for an entire week. I asked Mommy if she would like to guest post while I'm gone. As this is a family blog, I won't tell you what she said. Or the language. tsk tsk tsk, Mommy. What are you, a sailor?

As it stands now, I told Mommy that I'd let all of you decide. Right over there ---> is a voting panel. Let your voice be heard. Vote '08!

ps...folks, you have to have a Google account to vote here. It's free and easy to use. Sign up today!

Love to all of you,

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