Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Einstein

Daddy brought home a new toy for Samantha, Baby Einstein. Samantha decided to roll over to look at the owls on the play mat. She wanted to try and put them in her mouth...instead her burp cloth kept going in her mouth! I see her getting smarter everyday.


Anonymous said...

OK, Shaina, are you sure this is your child? Doesn't look a smiggling like you!

Anonymous said...

dont know who posted above, but sammy looks like mommy when she's frowning...she has mommy's patients too...thats about it. :)


Mommy said...

You should see when I am out in public with her, people don't think she is mine!!!!

Anonymous said...

patience!!!! u happy now?!?!!

Anonymous said...

She just needs to get your hair! She seems to be well fed.

Mimi said...

we miss our smugums!!

--Emigrant, Mt, just north of Yellowstone. 58 degrees right now & rainy.