Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Manolo Blahnik

I had an idea to shoot various body parts of little Sammy and I started with her feet. When I looked at the photo on the computer screen and saw her little toes my first thought was, "I wonder how big her feet will be?" You see, Sammy takes after her Dad right now. The scary part is that her Dad wears a size 13 shoe. His side of the family all have big feet. I'm hoping that at least here, with her feet, she'll take after her Mommy. Mommy has perfectly portioned feet to her heigth....6'8". JK. But Mommy also has a shoe fetish. Think Imelda Marcos. And we're not talking Payless BOGO, either. I enjoy shoe shopping and have many shoes myself but not like her Mommy does! I won't reveal here that I have bought Samantha her first pair of UGGS, or Converse tennis shoes. (What? Like a 6 week old WON'T play basketball?)

Anyway, enjoy the tootsies. Up next? Thighs.

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