Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aunt T

Will the real Comment-ator "Aunt T" please stand up? Between the two families, we can count four individuals who could be Aunt T. And two of you have the same initials! We would love to know who you are and thank you for your daily checking in. Perhaps by a guest post or maybe a photo op with Sammy? And I don't mean to exclude anyone one else who would like to guest post. All are welcome. Please contact me by email (you have it, you know you do)


Aunt T said...

Sorry this aunt t is basking in the sun and sand at the beach in pismo beach ca, waiting for the car show to start. Not showing the 67 vette this year, just enjoying wathing the show. Hopefully but the description above you know which aunt t it is!

Aunt T said...

sorry "watching" the show.