Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swimming Pool

Yesterday we delivered a tree for Mommy and Daddy.  While it got planted, Mommy got Sammy's pool put together and filled with water.  Sammy loves her pool!  At first she put one foot in and, as the water was cold, quickly pulled her foot back out.  Within five minutes she was wholly in the pool, dress and diaper wet, enjoying herself immensly!  Off came the diaper and the dress and our little mermaid was splashing around.  The pool has an awning so little baby skin won't burn.  She's going to have a fun summer with this! 


Patti said...

Could you please have her give Parker a call...maybe a text message? Apparently HIS mommy spent about triple the amount of time setting up his pool that he spent in it...I think poor mommy wanted to be in it much more then Parker did...100+ degrees in OK...that's HOT, baby!

mommy said...

Good job auntie and dude for getting the pool for the mermaid princess's 1st bday! Camden will enjoy it with her too one day:)