Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A leave-in conditioner

Sammy is usually a pretty good eater but there can be times when playing with her food commands her attention. That and Uncle Mike was standing behind me making faces at her, encouraging her to put food where it shouldn't go.
Today is also a big day for Sammy and all of us. She will be going to a friend of Mommy and Daddy's house to join a little playgroup with two other children her age twice a week. These other two can walk and talk. Sammy needs to socialize with other toddlers so that she can learn to walk. She can walk if you hold her hands but not on her own. Her pediatrian has recommended it to Mommy. Apparently, Sammy is not impressed with our ability to walk on two legs, she needs others her size for her competition gene to kick in. And? Mommy, Daddy, Grumpa and I can't be around her otherwise she'll fall back on her habit to crawl or wait to hold hands and walk. We're already wrapped around her little grubby fingers....

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